2016 More Available Puppies

This page highlights any of our daughter’s puppies that will be available this year.

 ESTHER – On hold for Mary Ellen in California

AKC Companion Registration – 1800.

Spunky Esther at 4 weeks

AKC Esther, with her fantastic champion bloodlines, has beautiful traditional Boston terrier markings.  Her sire, Von, is the son of our previous Stud Bogie One who carried 40 champions in 7 generations.

Esther has a wonderful personality emerging. She is very interactive and will ‘talk’ to us when we play with her.  She loves to be held and will give a few kisses. She is playful and is just learning to get around good. She is SO adorable and super sweet like her mother. 


Silly Esther and her height at 4 weeks

Esther’s coat is a gorgeous seal with a full thin white collar and beautiful blaze between her eyes. The back of her collar gently comes to a point behind her head. Her ‘mask’ fully covers her eyes and ears and she sports the longer front ‘sleeves’ which are getting harder to find in the modern day Bostons.  I think it gives her a very symmetrical look and a beautiful elegance. I love her symmetry!

Esther’s right side and back at 4 weeks

Her sire, Von, has an exceptional personality, loves to be around people and is very playful.  His sire Bogie One was very laid back, easy going and acted as if every day was a great day to him. Her dam, Coco is my daughter’s Boston and lives the life of a spoiled princess.  She has a confident and affectionate personality to go with her gorgeous looks and is a wonderful mama.  Von lives with my brother and parents and keeps them entertained with his antics.

Adorable Esther at 4 weeks – Love her long front ‘sleeves’

Our puppies are weaned to a very healthy and simple home-prepared diet and we expect the puppies to be potty trained to about the size of one room by the time they go to their new families.

Each baby is AKC registrable and comes with 2 health guarantees. Our babies are raised for extended longevity, fantastic bloodlines, exceptional personalities, and excellent markings. Our goal is to prepare our babies for a lifespan potential of 18-22 years. Esther is our third generation female raised with our family’s Longevity Plan.

Esther’s back side at 4 weeks – Beautiful!

With the combination of her parents’ and grandparents’ personalities and her beautiful markings, she is sure to draw attention wherever she goes and be a wonderful addition to the family.  We expect her to weigh in the 16-18 pound range full grown based on her parents’ full grown size.  Esther is 1800.00 AKC companion registration. 

Adorable Esther at almost 2 weeks

Let me know if you would love for her to be your new little girl.  A deposit will hold her until she can be placed in your arms.