Let me introduce you to the 4-legged members of the family. Each is in excellent health and has not been over vaccinated, and is eating a healthy home prepared diet.


Each of our current adults, including Rocky our sire on loan, has had their patellas checked and OFA certified- normal.  This means there are no luxating patellas in any of our adults.

Through parentage DNA testing all of our puppies are certified clear of jhc (juvenile hereditary cataracts).



Huskey’s American Hero by Rocky

Hero taking a swim – loves the water!

AKC Hero is one of our studs for 2015/16.  He is the son of Rocky (see below) who comes from the Cosmo lineage with each male between Rocky and Cosmo being AKC Champions.  

Hero hiding

He’s a great looking fella with his daddy Rocky’s great brindle coloring and a lively outgoing personality. He keeps us entertained with his energy and his antics. He definitely has the energy of his dam (Meeko the Mischievous one).

He’s happy but now he needs a bath!

Hero is very affectionate but also keeps a busy agenda. He’s like a man on a mission, checking off his ‘To Do’ list.  He weighs in about about 17.5 pounds, has been raised with our Longevity Plan, hasn’t been over vaccinated and is on a healthy home prepared diet.

Love this funny little guy!






 Von Bogie’s Heir to the Throne

Great looks, Awesome bloodline, Super Personality – 
Von Bogies Heir to the Throne

Von, who lives with my brother, is the son of our previous sire Bogie One (see below) who had over 40 champions in 7 generations.  He’s a handsome fella who loves to run and play. He tries to wear my dad out with his tennis ball or ‘socky’ which must be thrown over and over again.  He’s very smart and obedient and insists on greeting everyone who comes in and making them feel welcome.  

He has the quiet confidence of his sire and the sometimes intense nature of his dam (Malley) who also lives there.  We’ve raised Bostons for about 15 years, with a break in the middle to raise our kids, and Malley became our first Boston as we came back to raising them in 2009.  

Von is doing a great job carrying on the lineage of both his champion bloodline sire and his cherished dam, Malley. He has a fantastic personality to go with his handsome looks, and his first babies have been exceptional!




AKC Huskey’s Bogies Hidden Treasure D’Cali

Cali is our newest little lady on the scene. She is the daughter of Von (son of Bogie One) and Mitzi. Her bloodlines  are a powerhouse blend of Bogie’s 40 champions and Mitzi’s lineage as daughter of the Grand Champion Kd’s Crazy “Bout a Sharp Dressed Man by Charlie. 

We have enjoyed raising her from a newborn and watching her blossom into nearly a clone of her mother Mitzi. She has a super sweet personality, is super affectionate, and also carries the gentle confidence of her bloodlines on both sides.  She loves to sit in my lap and give those sweet sweet Boston terrier kisses. Her babies are going to be amazing!

Cali has the exceptional and traditional Boston markings and is a beautiful black and white with just a touch of brindle in her coat. Her babies will be our first of 2017. Will try to post pictures soon!


Rocky has sired his last litter for us and has been adopted into his amazing forever family in Georgia.  He is now a Therapy Dog and goes to nursing homes & the daycare to spread the Boston terrier love, lol. He lives with his son ‘Knox’.  We’re so proud of him!

Rocky ~ Exceptional!

We were thrilled to have had the pleasure of welcoming AKC Champion sired Rocky to our family for an extended visit to be our interim stud!  A dear friend in Florida graciously blessed us and allowed Rocky to come and be our interim stud for about a year and a half. 

As we suddenly and unexpectedly lost our precious family member and stud, Bogie One, we were devastated by the personal and emotional loss and also wondered if/how we were possibly going to fill in the gap in our planned breeding program.  We’ve worked very hard to raise our 4-legged girls and build our family of excellent Bostons and are so thankful for this precious blessing from a dear friend.  God is good!

Rocky with his gorgeous black and brindle coat

Rocky, named for Rocky Balboa, is a true gentleman. We know that in his heart, Rocky’s name stands for Rocky Top (Tennessee) which is our state ‘song’ for our beloved Tennessee Vols (lol) AND that he was destined to come and live with us for a little while. – Just kidding, but we are really thankful.

We are amazed at how much Rocky looked and acted like Bogie.  We caught ourselves calling him Bogie by accident just because they are so much alike.  Rocky weighs in at about 15 pounds, is well-mannered with an exceptional personality, has fantastic markings and an unbelievable pedigree.  He’s obedient, loving, gets along great with everyone, even the

Amazing personality

four-legged members. And truly , he never seems to have a bad day.  He loves car rides, meeting new people, and like Bogie One used to do, keeps tabs on everyone in the house. 

He is the great-grandson of Cosmo, CH Flashpoints Cosmic Ray ROM, Westminster’s 2003 Best of Breed winner and Top Sire of the Millennium, according to the American Kennel Club.  While our Bogie One had some of the same bloodline, Rocky is a direct descendant of Cosmo!

Rocky’s sire and grand-sire are both champions as well.   We have happily welcomed some and have some of Rocky’s babies due from our fabulous mama-girls some of who also have great champion lines. 

Rocky was AKC DNA certified and his patella’s are OFA certified – normal.  His eyes have also been DNA certified clear of jhc (juvenile hereditary cataracts).

Why am I going on and on about Rocky?  Because he did pass on his fabulous personality, lineage, and looks to his babies!  All of his babies have been adopted into their wonderful forever families. We did keep one male, Hero to be our future stud.    We love you and miss you Rocky! We expect great things from our new ‘Hero’.

AKC Huskey’s Song of Sophie by Bogie One

Sophie has had her last babies and will be staying with family

Adorable Sophie

My daughter raised Sophie from a newborn. She is our third generation female raised for health, champion bloodlines, looks, and longevity. Her parents are Bogie One and my daughter’s Coco.

Bogie’s Daughter “Song of Sophie”

Sophie is both sweet and funny.  She loves to explore and play with the kids but can also be the instigator of the bulldog activities.  Her personality is outstanding, just like her sire, and she is happy no matter what we are doing.  She loves hanging out inside, outside, watching, playing, running, or exploring. She just loves life! 

Her sire, our Bogie One, had over 40 champions in 7 generations and carried himself like a champion. Sophie definitely inherited his outstanding personality and disposition.  She is as sweet as they come with a gentle confidence like her sire.  Outstanding!

Great personality, super bloodline, excellent Mama!

Her patellas have been OFA certified and she is in excellent health. Through parentage testing, her babies will be jhc-clear. She has been raised with our Longevity Plan and on a healthy home prepared diet.  





AKC Huskeys Lady of Fine Design by Bogie

Beautiful Lady

AKC Lady is one of our two ‘petite elite’ little Boston girls.  She weighs in at 11 ½ pounds and carries herself like a champion.   She’s the spitting image of our previous stud (her sire Bogie One) who carried 41 champions in 7 generations.  My daughter has raised her and her sisters Ellie & Sophie from birth as our third generation females.

Sweet and petite

She is an exquisitely marked seal and white picture of beauty with a personality that surpasses her classic Boston terrier looks.  Her blaze curves and frames her eyes in what is my favorite blaze pattern.

Her nature also shows just how the parents’ temperaments can be passed onto their offspring (just like her sisters).  She, like Bogie before her, seems happy at all times, loves everyone, and puts a bulldog ‘face’ on the word contentment.  She’s very smart, super healthy, and is a joy to have in the family.

Daughter of Bogie One

Lady is very playful, enjoys running in the back yard with the kids or taking part in a bulldog game of keep-away.  She will gladly sit to enjoy someone’s company and to give kisses and snuggles.

Super personality, precious little girl!

Lady’s patellas have been vet checked and are OFA certified.  Through parentage testing, her babies will be clear of jhc (juvenile hereditary cataracts.  We are planning to have some babies from her in the fall of 2015.




~ Now Enjoying Retirement or Sadly Missed ~


AKC Huskey’s Dream of Elegance by Bogie

Ellie has now been adopted by her amazing forever family in GA

Ellie front, Lady in back enjoying the big back yard

Ellie is our third generation female and is sired by Bogie One.  She is beautiful and has the sweetest personality just like her sire.  Her obedient nature and friendly disposition just shows how the personality of the parents can be passed to the next generation.  She carries herself just like a champion, courtesy of her lineage.   Ellie and her two sisters have helped us reach our goal of having champion bloodlines in both the sire and dam’s pedigree.


Beautiful Ellie

Her dam is my daughter’s Cocoa, who is a second generation female raised in our family.   Ellie and Rocky, who is champion sired and the great grandson of Cosmo, created some amazing babies and they have all been adopted. The combination of Bogies lineage, through Ellie, and Rocky’s pedigree from Cosmo was outstanding! 


Gorgeous girl even from behind.

Ellie is our third generation Boston terrier being raised with our Longevity Plan.  With her great looks, pedigree, and sweet, laid back personality, its no wonder that each baby in her litter had outstanding qualities!

All of our puppies come with 2 health guarantees.  Have you read our references from other families yet?  We spend a lot of planning, time, effort, and money into raising the BestBostonTerrierPuppies and our references are proof.

Ellie has been adopted and is loving life with her new daddy in Georgia.



AKC Huskeys Mitzierious Treasure of Jaymar aka Mitzi

Mitzi has been adopted by her forever family and is enjoying a super spoiled life!

Sweet Mitzi with little pregnant belly

Mitzi is our next step in breeding excellence.  She’s champion sired by GRAND Champion Kd’s Crazy “Bout a Sharp Dressed Man by Charlie and her pedigree is loaded with champions. 

Beautiful Mitzi

Mitzi’s puppies have been gorgeous with exceptional personalities to go with their fantastic bloodlines.  We hope to keep an exceptional little boy from sweet Mitzi’s future babies to put in the show ring.

Mitzi enjoying the back yard

Mitzi came to us in November 2012.  She is such a loving little girl and loves to jump in our lap any chance she catches us sitting down.  She’s playful, obedient, super cute, and just a little bundle of joy.  She’s not too laid back and not overly energetic, just right!

Mitzi weighs about

Mitzi – Great Personality and Looks!

12-13 pounds.  Mitzi’s patellas have been OFA certified normal. She is also eating a healthy home prepared diet and has not been over-vaccinated.

 You can see her little pregnant belly just starting to show in these pictures.  She is living with a friend of mine and enjoying the life of being a single spoiled princess. 







AKC Sweet Sadie ~ Now adopted by her amazing forever family Sean, Larissa, and their daughter and 2 Boston siblings in Tennessee


Beautiful Sadie

       Sadie is quite a character! She has a unique personality and you can almost see the mischievousness in her expression.  She is a collector like her mother before her, and collects an unlimited assortment of goods to store in her bed. Its not uncommon to find, a toy, sock, spoon, baggie, numerous cow hooves, and almost anything she deems worthy of collecting.

       She’s a great looking girl with just a bit of champion bloodline and she is very smart and can go pretty much wherever she pleases. With her long legs and agility, the doggie gates mean nothing to her and were never even a challenge.  She weighs about 17-19 pounds.

Sadie and Lady       Sadie is also our third generation Boston terrier. Her parents are Juju and Starbuck (see below) , and Malley is her grand dam.

Beautiful Girl

Her sire, dam, and grand dam were our Bostons and are now living with their amazing forever families.  Her patellas are OFA certified and she is in excellent health.  Through parentage testing, her babies are certified clear of jhc (juvenile hereditary cataracts).  Sadie has been an exceptional mother and a wonderful companion.  

Silly Sadie leaning up on a stump

Sadie has had her last babies and is ready to be adopted to a wonderful forever family.  She is house trained, crate trained, generally obedient, loves to be with us but is also happy to explore and collect on her own. She is spayed and now living with her amazing forever family and her 2 Boston siblings.

AKC Princess Chala ~ Adopted by Shira & family in Florida

       AKC Chala is a precious girl that we welcomed into our family at 6 weeks of age.   She has an exceptional personality, is marked very well, and weighs in at 20-22 pounds. Chala prides herself on being

Princess Chala Lala

a stay at home mom and loves to spend her time on the couch  curled up with whoever is sitting there.  Her temperament is mild and she is content to run  and play in the yard or watch the hustle and bustle in the house.  She doesn’t even mind playing dress up! Her babies have had  excellent markings and fantastic personalities.

Sweet Chala

         Chala’s parents, owned by a friend of mine, are spoiled house pets who are marked well, have great personalities, and are fed a high quality diet.  Chala has been AKC DNA certified, her patellas have been certified – normal (Offa paperwork has been sent in) is eating an exceptional home-prepared diet, and has not been over vaccinated.

Chala  is now with her amazing forever family in Florida. I can’t express how much I still miss this precious little girl.  She is amazing!





~AKC Jumpin Juju~Adopted by Judy and family in Kentucky

Juju has just entered retirement in her forever home in Kentucky.  She went to a family with another Boston sibling.

She is house trained, crate trained, micro-chipped, obedient, and is our Alpha female.  She would probably do best in a home with older children and would be good companion and protection for a single lady.  Any of our adults that are adopted are welcome to come back to us for any reason at any time. 

Pretty Juju

       We raised Juju from a newborn.  With two champions on her fathers side, she sports a gorgeous brindle coat, fantastic markings, and weighs in at about 20-21 pounds.  She’s our second generation female; her mother now resides with my brother and parents.

       Probably because we spoiled her from birth, Juju has a determined personality and is easily the alpha female of our bunch.  She’s a jumper.  When she was younger, she would jump up and if I was paying attention, I could catch her in my arms.  

Juju loves to be by my side and even tries to ‘cut off’ the other dogs if she wants my attention and they have it.  She is also a serious ‘collector’ as sometimes we find unusual things in her bed – spoon, sock, kids toy, etc.  Funny girl!  When the other Bostons aren’t paying attention, she will even raid their beds and claim all of the dog toys as her own.  She can also be a quite a ‘talker’ when she is playing or wants our attention.

Juju in the Sun

       Juju is a great mother and has had some gorgeous babies, even some exceptional brindle ones, but is ready now to go to her amazing forever home.   Juju was weaned to a holistic diet then switched to a raw home prepared diet.  Juju’s patellas have been OFA certified- normal.

She would make a great companion for a lady but would warm up to her husband.  She was raised with our kids from about age 8 and so would do well with kids if they were about that age or older.

Once adopted, we would take her back at any time for any reason. She will be very loyal and probably protective of her new family.  She’s a smart girl who knows what she wants and usually find a way to get it!






~ AKC Tia Yatzi Extraordinaire ~

Adopted by Evan and Katherine (along with Baby Emma) in TN

Yatzi on her belly

AKC Yatzi is an active little girl that we welcomed into our family at 12 weeks of age.  She has been adopted into her awesome forever family with sister ‘tiny Emma’ and another Boston sister, Piper. 

Yatzi enjoying the outdoors

She is full of fun and energy and loves to run and play in the back yard and certainly keeps our 2 youngest daughters busy.

  When she arrived, our then 11 year old immediately claimed Yatzi as her own and proceeded to spoil her rotten.



Yatzi loves sleeping in the girls rooms, and doesn’t seem to mind playing dress up, but her most favorite thing is to pull herself down the hill in the back yard on her belly. 

Spunky Yatzi

Its her goal to be right in the middle of all of the action.  She weighs in at 15 pounds and has the spunkiest and most energetic personality of all of our girls.  She has had some gorgeous babies from Bogie One, and from our new man, Rocky.


Happy Spoiled Baby Yatzi

Yatzi’s patellas have been OFA certified – normal  and she is eating an exceptional home prepared diet and has not been over-vaccinated.




AKC Lady Meeko ~ 

Adopted into her awesome forever home with Joe and Judy in Kentucky

Funny Girl

AKC Meeko, is Yatzi’s sister and also came to us at 12 weeks of age.  She weighs about 13 pounds and is marked well.

Meeko the Mischievous One

The mischievous look on her face reveals her true personality.  Upon her arrival, our 12 year old daughter instantly bonded with her and they quickly became best buddies.  She is slightly milder in personality than her sister Yatzi and prefers to sit in my lap (with her eyes closed like she is in heaven) or to follow/be carried around by one of the girls.

I’m not up to anything, promise.

She regularly sleeps in the girls rooms just like a true princess.

Meeko on the left taking a stick break. Bogie on the right.

The exit to our big fenced back yard is through our laundry room/ mud room and each time she goes out she thinks she has to grab something ‘new’ to play with.  This may be one of the official squeeky or chew toys or something from the clean clothes or the dirty clothes or even a piece of mulch, a stick, or a leaf on her way out.  Once outside, she immediately teases the other Bostons into a game of chase with the ‘new’ item as bait.

What makes you think we were digging in the mud?
Yatzi (left) Meeko (right)

Didn’t take us very long to figure out how all of the socks kept ending up in the yard!

With Meeko’s great markings and funny personality, she has blessed us with some precious little babies.   Meeko is eating a healthy home prepared diet and has not been over vaccinated. 

Meeko is now retired and living with Joe and Joyce and Boston sister Kayde in Kentucky.



AKC Huskey’s Bogie One Kanogie ~ Sadly Missed

We lost Bogie One early in May 2013 and the last of his offspring were born in June.  Although we have an exceptional male who visited for over a year as our new champion blood-lined male stud, no one will ever take Bogie’s place in our home or our hearts.  His bloodline will also live on through his daughters (Lady, Sophie, & Ellie) that were raised by my daughter and his son, Von, that is with my brother.  He was an amazing little guy…


Handsome Bogie One

AKC Huskey’s Bogie One Kanogie was our small male Boston terrier (about 15 pounds) with heavy champion bloodlines including 41 champions in 6 generations.  He sired most of our recent litters until May 2013 and helped us to reach our goal  of 100% champion blood lined puppies.  His excellent markings/conformation and great pedigree were surpassed only by his fantastic personality.

He was very sweet and loving and loved to roam about the house keeping tabs on everyone.

Huskey’s Bogie One Kanogie

Bogie carried himself like a champion and behaved like a perfect gentleman. He was  well-mannered and calm (for a Boston terrier) but could also be quite comical.  He has fathered some exceptional show-potential puppies, and his babies all inherited his excellent personality.

Bogie was AKC DNA certified, DNA certified clear for JHC (juvenile hereditary cataracts), was not over vaccinated, and ate a healthy home-prepared diet.




AKC Starbuck aka Bucky ~

Adopted by into his amazing forever home with Harold and Tina in Tennessee

Handsome Starbuck

       AKC Greer’s Starbuck, ‘Bucky’ is now happily adopted and living the super spoiled life.  Just like all of our Bostons, he is house trained, crate trained, great with people of all ages, and other dogs.  

Buck was our large male Boston terrier weighing in at about 22-24 pounds. He is built more like the earlier Boston terriers, definitely stocky, with a meaty head and  a more pronounced nose.


  We believe this is beneficial to his offspring as a longer snout  lessens the chance of the brachycephalic effects which can be typical in the flat-faced breeds.  Brachycephalic refers to dogs that are short muzzled and flat faced.  The word comes from  Greek roots “Brachy,” meaning short and “cephalic,” meaning head.

       Starbuck with his fabulous markings and an excellent personality, is also the clown of the family.  He loves to hang out on the couch and ‘talks’ to us when we call him by name or when excited.


Although big and meaty looking, he’s just a happy-go-lucky teddy bear and a real sweetheart. 

 His eyes have been vet tested clear of cataracts, he is AKC DNA certified, and DNA certified clear for JHC (juvenile heriditary cataracts), has not been over-vaccinated, and is being fed an exceptional home-prepared diet.




AKC Daisy Petite ~

Now Retired and living in Texas with her new wonderful daddy

Little Daisy

AKC Daisy Petite Elite (now retired) is a sweet little girl with some spunk to her.  She came to us at 6 weeks of age from a lady here in Tennessee who also has all of her Bostons as spoiled house babies, who are marked well and are on a high quality diet.  She weighs about 15-16 pounds and although usually mild in temperament, can keep the others in line if she needs to.  Daisy is my most affectionate little girl and loves to be right by my side as much as possible.  Definitely a mama’s girl.


Daisy was a great little mama and has had some beautiful babies.  She turned 3 in the spring 2013 and is now adopted and happily spoiled by Billy in Texas.

Spunky Daisy


She has been AKC DNA certified, is very healthy, marked well, has not been over-vaccinated, and is eating a high quality home prepared diet.